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  • Getting Started & HTML
    What does the course cover?3:05
    What You Get With The Course - Free Web Hosting And Book1:22
    How to ask great questions2:21
    Setting Up Your Free Web Hosting
    Your control panel4:14
    Uploading files to your server10:32
    Getting Help2:57
    Hello World2:40
    The Structure Of A Webpage7:45
    The Structure Of A Webpage: example.html
    Your Own example.com3:58
    Header Tags2:57
    Header Tags: headertags.html
    Paragraphs: paragraphs.html
    Formatting Text3:32
    Formatting Text: textdecoration.html
    Unordered Lists2:11
    Unordered Lists: unorderedlists.html
    Ordered Lists1:44
    Ordered Lists: orderedlists.html
    Images: images.html
    Forms: forms.html
    Links: links.html
    Tables: tables.html
    HTML Entities4:11
    IFrames: iframes.html
    Putting it all together: HTML Project19:31
    HTML Project: project_helloworld.html
    How to earn $10,000 while learning to code (Part I)
    HTML Further Reading
    HTML Reference
    HTML - Quiz
  • CSS
    What is CSS?3:48
    Inline CSS4:25
    Inline CSS: inlinecss.html
    Internal CSS4:36
    Internal CSS: internalcss.html
    Classes and IDs7:59
    Classes And IDs: classesandids.html
    Divs: divs.html
    Floating: floating.html
    Positioning: positioning.html
    Margins: margins.html
    Padding: padding.html
    Borders: borders.html
    Fonts: fonts.html
    Styling Text6:05
    Styling Text: stylingtext.html
    Aligning Text4:20
    Styling Links3:19
    Styling Links: stylinglinks.html
    CSS Project: BBC News Website (1)21:10
    CSS Project: BBC News Website (2)19:10
    CSS Project: BBC News Website (3)23:44
    CSS Project: BBC News Website (4)20:28
    CSS Project: BBC News Website (5)29:21
    BBC News Website: bbc.html
    External CSS2:50
    CSS Reference
    CSS Further Reading
  • Javascript
    What Is Javascript?3:41
    Internal Javascript2:09
    Internal Javascript: internaljavascript.html
    Accessing Elements5:24
    Accessing Elements: accessingelements.html
    Responding To A Click2:34
    Responding To A Click: respondingtoaclick.html
    Changing Website Content8:01
    Changing Website Content: changingwebsitecontent.html
    Mini Challenge: Disappearing Circles2:16
    Mini Challenge: Disappearing Circles minichallenge.html
    Variables: variables.html
    Arrays: arrays.html
    If Statements6:37
    If Statements: if.html
    Javascript Game - How Many Fingers?10:25
    Javascript Game - How Many Fingers?: howmanyfingers.html
    For Loops9:46
    For Loops: forloops.html
    While Loops11:39
    While Loops: whileloops.html
    Javascript Project - Reaction Tester (1)10:15
    Javascript Project - Reaction Tester (2)8:13
    Javascript Project - Reaction Tester (3)13:38
    Javascript Project - Reaction Tester: reactiontester.html and script.js
    External Javascript2:09
    External Javascript: externaljs.html
    How to earn $10,000 while learning to code (Part II)
    Javascript Reference
    Javascript Further Reading
  • jQuery
    What Is jQuery?3:42
    Embedding jQuery10:05
    Embedding jQuery - embeddingjquery.html
    Detecting A Click7:51
    Detecting A Click: click.html
    Changing Website Content7:57
    Changing Website Content: changingwebsitecontent.html
    Changing Styles8:09
    Changing Styles: changingcss.html
    Fading Content6:19
    Fading Content: fadingcontent.html
    Animating Content5:24
    Animating Content: animatingcontent.html
    Loading Data With AJAX11:54
    Loading Data With AJAX: ajax.html
    Regular Expressions5:24
    Regular Expressions: regex.html
    Mini Project - Form Validation31:06
    Mini Project - Form Validation: validation.html
    Introducing jQuery UI4:05
    Introducing jQuery UI: jqueryui.html
    Draggables & Resizables5:47
    Draggables: draggable.html
    Resizables: resizable.html
    Droppables: droppable.html
    Accordion And Sortables4:28
    Sortables: sortable.html
    Accordion: accordion.html
    Project - CodePlayer51:37
    Project - CodePlayer: codeplayer.html
    jQuery Further Reading
  • Twitter Bootstrap
    What Is Bootstrap?3:42
    Bootstrap Hello World5:39
    Bootstrap Hello World: helloworld.html
    The Grid System10:21
    The Grid System: grid.html
    Navbars: navbars.html
    Forms And Tables14:19
    Forms And Tables: formsandtables.html
    Bootstrap Components11:46
    Bootstrap Components: components.html
    Bootstrap Modals8:39
    Bootstrap Modals: modals.html
    ScrollSpy: scrollspy.html
    Project - App Landing Page (Introduction)2:18
    Project - App Landing Page37:24
    Project - App Landing Page: landingpage.html
    Bootstrap Further Reading
  • Wordpress
    What Is Wordpress?5:10
    The Wordpress Dashboard14:58
    Premium Themes10:16
    Creating A Blog8:10
    Creating A Shop8:18
    Challenge - Make A Website1:10
    Wordpress Further Reading
    How to earn $10,000 while learning to code (Part III)
  • PHP
    What Is PHP?2:48
    Hello World4:21
    Hello World: helloworld.php
    Error Messages in PHP3:32
    Variables: variables.php
    If Statements5:54
    For And Foreach6:46
    For And Foreach: for.php
    While Loops5:10
    Sending Email With PHP4:49
    Sending Email With PHP: sendingemail.php
    GET Variables12:23
    GET Variables: get.php
    POST Variables7:17
    Post Variables - postvariables.php
    Mini Project - Contact Form29:33
    Mini Project - Contact Form: contactform.php
    Project - Weather Scraper46:17
    Project - Weather Scraper: weatherscraper.php
    PHP Further Reading
    How to earn $10,000 while learning to code (Part IV)
  • MySQL
    What is MySQL?7:06
    Connecting To A MySQL Database5:31
    Connecting To A MySQL Database: connecting.php
    Retrieving Data From A Database5:49
    Retrieving Data From A Database: retrieving.php
    Adding Data To A Database8:46
    Adding Data To A Database: adding.php
    Looping Through Data13:37
    Looping Through Data - looping.php
    Session Variables5:01
    Session Variables: sessions.php
    Cookies: cookies.php
    Storing Passwords Securely8:11
    Storing Passwords Securely: passwords.php
    Project - Secret Diary (1)20:37
    Project - Secret Diary (2)68:17
    Project - Secret Diary - diary.php
    MySQL Further Reading
    How to earn $10,000 while learning to code (Part V)
  • APIs
    What Is An API?3:29
    The Google Maps Javascript API8:07
    The Google Maps Javascript API - gmaps.php
    The Google Maps Geolocation API15:31
    Project 1 - Postcode Finder18:16
    The Twitter API5:11
    Connecting To The Twitter API10:43
    Processing Json Data5:51
    Twitter API Functions6:47
    Project 2 - Twitter Client10:12
    Further Reading - APIs
    How to earn $10,000 while learning to code (Part VI)
  • Mobile Apps
    Creating Mobile Apps With HTML52:49
    Introducing jQuery Mobile14:14
    jQuery Mobile App - MyCourse26:54
    Installing Cordova And Android Developer Tools16:49
    Creating An Android App7:45
    Creating An iOS App4:31
    Project - Etch-A-Sketch14:13
    Project - Etch-A-Sketch: etchasketch.html
    Mobile Apps - Further Reading
    How to earn $10,000 while learning to code (Part VII)
  • What Now?
    Conclusion - What Now?1:15
    Job Opportunities
    How To Earn $10,000 While Learning To Code (full book)
    How To Earn $10,000 While Learning To Code (Kindle version)
    How To Earn $10,000 While Learning To Code (epub version)

Become a Full Stack Coder with 28 Hours of Instruction on HTML, JavaScript, MySQL & More

Rob Percival


Rob Percival is a self-described coding geek, and heads the popular Web hosting and design service Eco Web Hosting. He is passionate about passing on his knowledge to eager students, which has led him to run Code School in Cambridge, England every summer. Additionally, he is an influential online instructor and looks to guide students through tutorials such as those in this course. For more details on the course and instructor, click here.


Want to be a full-fledged, employable coder? Dive into this comprehensive course on all things coding, complete with hundreds of lectures on must-know web technologies and techniques. You'll master important tools and languages, including use of HTML, CSS, MySQL, WordPress, and more--transforming into a rockstar developer any startup would be crazy to pass over.

  • Gain a comprehensive coding skill set w/ over 236 lectures & 28 hours of content
  • Master important web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, etc.
  • Build responsive websites using advanced techniques: iQuery, MySQL, Twitter Bootstrap, etc.
  • Use WordPress to develop blogs, e-commerce sites, etc.
  • Integrate APIs to connect to Google Maps, Facebook & other sites
  • Consolidate your knowledge w/ hands-on projects


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


  • Internet required


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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